Move Along #1

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There’s a lot of things I could tell you, but in my classic style, I prefer to keep things simple.

For the first time ever, I took half of a personal day today.  Never before have I turned to my boss and said, “I can’t be here right now.”  And I guess that’s still maintained because rather than tell her directly I sent her an email after a brief meeting we had.  The email amounted to, “based upon what I told you in our meeting, I will accomplish nothing by being at work today.  Please let me go home.”  And it was enough.

Thank goodness, I have a boss who values my work when I’m actually at work, and is smart enough to know the difference.  Because, let me tell you, as someone who has observed management for 4+ years, if their assistants don’t believe there’s anything to be gained with honesty, then they won’t be honest with you.  And you won’t have anybody but yourself to blame.

Also see: just about any contemporary horror movie from the 1980s onward to find an example of this.

So today is about that half of a personal day, when I was in such horrible shock from the previous days’ events that I realized, at about 9:30am, that there wasn’t much I was going to accomplish.  And then, after calling a meeting at around 11:35am, I asked to be let go an hour later, because very little had improved, and I’m most productive in the morning anyway, and there was no chance in me focusing for those few remaining hours.

I’ll tell you more as we go forward.  I guess the point of this post, if I have to find one, if points are still the most important thing to you for some reason because you haven’t had the luxury of being preoccupied by grievances that occur without points, the point is, use your personal days.  Use them.  Don’t stick around when your body is going cold from shock.  When you’ve been having nightmares for weeks and have barely eaten and your body is constantly cold.  Don’t stick around.  Because if you do, you’re pointing allegiance to anybody besides yourself.